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Lady Melissa has bound her slave to a chair so he's completely unable to move and now practices her favorite femdom technique on him - smothering! She starts with hand-over-mouth smothering and arm chokes before she gets really nasty, climbs up on the chair - standing on his legs with her full weight and sits down on his face - smothering him under her sexy ass. Finally she rams her knees into his crotch and smothers him using her tits!

Jessy doesn't think her slave deserves the same amount of air she does. So she smothers him using her hands while holding his head between her legs. He better hopes she'll allow him to breathe some air in between!

This guy wasn't nice to gothic girl Carina and now she's punishing him for his bad attitude. She bound him to the chair and smothers him using her hands in many different positions and laughs about his whining and begging!

Of course Gina's body is already breathtaking but she's more into smothering guys using her hands. She pins this guy down on the bed and smothers him by pressing her hands on his mouth and nose with all her power. She loves how he struggles for air and begs her to stop when she lifts her hands for a few seconds - just before she smothers him again!

Mistress Amrita is very cruel and merciless! She has her slave bound up and helplessly bound kneeling in front of her as she tortures him by reducing and controlling his breathings. His head turns red already but the mistress doesn't stop to push her soft bare hands against his mouth...

Daidra sits on her slaves face with her sexy nylons and a string. She has so much fun humiliating her victim between her legs and making fun of him while he isn't able to resist or escape her! She punishes and tortures him, slaps his face and makes him totally obey her!

Mistress Mercedes has her slave laying on the sofa right under her sexy jeans ass while she is phoning a girlfriend. As her slave starts to groan in pain, she pauses the talk and shuts his mouth with her bare hands. He cries and mumbles because he isn't able to breathe anymore - but what is more important: Her talk or his breathing?

A scarf is a dangerous weapon when it's on the wrong hands, and this time it is. Mistress Hollywood has her slave sitting on the ground in front of her as she chokes her victim with her scarf. She has wind it around his throat many times and slowly pulls it together so that he isn't able to breathe anymore...

Mistress Hollywood caught her slave and bound his hands on his back together. She wants to torture him with her favorite method: hand smothering! She pushes her hands on his mouth and nose and shuts him up. He isn't able to breathe and mumbles under her soft hands as she is laughing on him...

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