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Princess Serena wanted to find out how long this guy could go without breathing. So she asked him and he told her. She wanted to test him so she used a stop watch to record as she facesat on him. He tried his best to hold but the time did not come anywhere close to the time he had claimed he was able to hold his breath. She laughed at him and told him to do better.

Mistress Gaia noticed that this guy liked to call people names. He was a sort of bully and the mistress was not going to accept that from anyone. She chose to teach him a lesson through breathplay. And that is why she used a latex mask to torture him. He cried and wished he had not messed with her but it was already too late for him. He had to endure his punishment.

Mistress Cindy had a secret to keep and she knew this guy knew her secret. She was afraid he was going to tell on her and she had to do all in her power to make sure he did not. She choked him to show him how serious she was. He peed his pants at what she did to him and he regretted it. When she was done, he promised her never to utter a word.

Lady Donata knows how to torture guys. Many of those who know her skills fear her and they do not want to be taken to her for punishment because they know what she is capable of. This guy did not know what she could do so she punished him by stripping him naked and choking him using her ass smothering fetish. She laughed at how degraded he was and warned him not to do it again.

Mistress Gaia did not want to use her bare hands to torture and choke this loser. She had done that before and she did not want to come across as a one trick pony. She chose to use clingfilm to do it. The mistress tied it to the face of the loser and he had difficulties breathing. He peed his pants and begged her for mercy but she did not show him any.

Mistress Gaia used cling film to wrap her slave and to render him defenseless. She did this because she wanted to have an easy time torturing him. She choked him using her hands and also by facesitting on him. She did not care about what he felt and only wanted him to fear her and in so doing, do all that she wanted him to do. He became her bitch.

Madame Marissa is blessed with a great ass. She loves to bait guys with it because she knows guys cannot resist it. She knows that if she uses anything else other than her ass, they might guess what she wants to do to them. So, she uses her ass and they have to try and endure the pain and humiliation. Today she used her ass to facesit on this guy and test his breath retention skills.

Mistress Gaia hates thieves and when she found out that it was this guy who had stolen from her, she could not let him go without punishment. She did not want him to steal again so she choked him after tying him to a chair. The mistress used a plastic bag to punish the thief and the guy's life flashed before his eyes and he regretted what he had done.

Lady Amy was not amused by the fact that her slave had sold out her secrets to her neighbors. She did not want her private life to be public knowledge so she choked him by submerging his face in the tab after she had filled it with water. He peed himself at what she did to him and he knew he had fucked up big time. He learned his lesson painfully.

Mistress Jade has a great ass and this guy wanted a piece of it. The mistress knew he could not get it but she did not tell him. Instead, the mistress lied to him that he could and she lured him to her house where she facesat on him and she choked him for fun. Luckily for the guy, he did not mind as her ass was on his face.

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