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This Scottish young lady actually loved it to have her guys right under her. And talking about "under her" she didn't just meant to have them hierarchically under her, she meant it literally. She loved to lift her sexy skirt and put her ass on their faces to make them smell and obey her. That's where guys belonged and that's what her target was.

Leyla and Jane found it very amusing to change the roles as their private teacher offered them to be the teacher themselves as they were loud and ignored him. He didn't know that those girls were actually going so far to force him to lie on a chair and smell their jeans asses. He was sat on and abused like a living cushion and before he left the room with a red face, totally ashamed and degraded, the sisters told him that if he won't obey them and to whatever they want him to do, they would tell everybody that they sat on his face and that he wasn't strong enough to free himself!

Melissa was happy now that she found someone to share her perverted dreams with her. But there has been a little mistake. This guy didn't want to be tied up and forced to smell her ass and feet. He wanted to tie her up to make her give him a nice BJ. Well things went totally wrong and now she already had him right where she wanted him. She smothered his face with her stinky pantyhose feet and sat on it with her sexy ass. After a while all his manhood was gone and he found himself broken in a humiliating and degrading position. He began to accept what he was. A slave for young women like her.

Tanja doesn't want her son to meet girls since he is her stepson she thinks that he belongs to her and is her property. As she found out that he already met this bitch from the neighborhood, she decided to mark him as her property. As he returned she was already drunk and immediately forced him in this degrading position. As he found himself lying there he already saw her ass lowering on his face. The last words he heard were "you will stay under my ass until you smell like it to make sure no bitch will ever kiss your ass face again".

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