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Vanessa can be very brutal to any of her slaves. She enjoys doing several different things to them, but one of her favorite things to do is smothering her slaves. She likes to control when they get to breathe and she also likes to tell them how pathetic they are the same time. Every single slave always obeys her and they do exactly what they are instructed to do.

Angelique finds a slave girl Saskia that is just as hot as her so she can humiliate her in a session of girl / girl domination. They both strip down nude and Angelique straddles her female slave's face and rubs her nude ass and pussy all over her face. She shows her who is boss by choking her and stepping on her throat and sits on her with her full weight.

Gorgeous and dark, Lady Saya likes her victims to be willing toys. They are in for a real treat when the exotic beauty comes to play in only her skimpy red bra and black panties. Being in complete control with a good strong rope or even a well placed heel from one of her fuck-me knee high boots is this dom's favorite way to humiliate and choke the breath from weak little men.

Mistress Loona loves strangling her slave as she sits on his throat humiliating him as he worships her ass. She then chokes him by using her hula hoop and bare feet to push down on his throat and control his breathing as she then sits down with her thong in his face laughing and smiling at the torture that she is giving him by doing a little breath play.

Mistress Melissa chokes one slave who's actually lying on the ground. She sits on his chest and smiles down at him as his face begins to turn red. She really enjoys having him under her power and forces him to open up his mouth. Then she begins to spit into it. As he refused to drink her spit she smothers and chokes him much more...

Mistress Cleo has her slave laying on the ground as she amused pushes her feet right on his windpipe. She makes him caught and is pleased as his face begins to turn red. She smiles at him and increases the pressure! She is such a cruel bitch.

Mistress Cleo loves to torture her slaves by taking their breath. In This clip she kneels on one guys windpipe and hand smothers him additionally. He cannot breath and gets panic - but it doesn't help at all, she keeps sitting on him and doesn't give him free...

Daidra sits on her slaves face with her sexy nylons and a string. She has so much fun humiliating her victim between her legs and making fun of him while he isn't able to resist or escape her! She punishes and tortures him, slaps his face and makes him totally obey her!

Gorgeous model Gina sits on her slave with her sexy bikini. She chokes him with her bare hands and controls his air! He lays under her and tries to breathe but he has no chance to escape her strong and sexy fingers. She laughs at him and taunts him by telling him how weak he is...

Mistress Ebony has her slave laying on the ground while she is sitting on his chest! She wears her evil plateau boots - also called killer-boots. She slings a robe around his neck and places her heavy sole on his face! She pushes it down and makes him worship it...

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