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Lady Scarlet needed to settle a score with this guy and she used breath play femdom to do so. She did not want to let the guy think that she was scared of him or that he could continue doing what he had done to piss her off. That is why she cornered him when he was naked and she cruelly tied him up, jerked him off and also choked him. It was a rollercoaster of emotions for him.

Lady Scarlet found out that she was misled by this loser and she did not like it. She had to teach the guy a lesson she was sure he was not ready for and she did it with her hot ass. The mistress cruelly made sure that the poor guy learned his lesson by smothering him with her hot ass and choking him in the process. He never forgot it.

Lady Scarlet was not amused by how nosy her neighbor was. She felt hat it was time to teach her a lesson and this came in the form of facesitting her and smothering her face using lady Scarlet's ass. The mistress laughed at the girl and warned her never to be nosy again and she got the message and she was never nosy as she knew what it would lead to.

Lady Scarlet did not like her sister's boyfriend but she did not want to meddle in her sister's relationship so she kept quiet and minded her own business until they had constant fights. She hunted him down and she used her breathplay femdom to send a message that if he broke her heart, he would only have himself to blame for what she would do to him. He made amends with his girlfriend to avoid punishments.

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