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Smothering stupid worthless men is what Lady Melissa's perfect round ass was made for. They love having their noses in between those tight firm ass cheeks, too busy doing some serious ass smelling they can't tell it's hard to breathe. And what little breath they have is hot and steaming all over her silver panty covered wet pussy, getting her to grind that ass down. A ass slave's dream come true.

Katrin is excited. It is her turn to dictate the rules for the new play with her friend Jane. So she orders the other girl to lie down on the workout bench and starts to smother Jane with her ass. Only in her leopard panties and bra the girl under her has to smell her womanly scent right over her mouth and nose. But Katrin is not satisfied and adds some hand over mouth smothering as well.

Katja has tied up her slave on a leather seat to be able to punish him very easy. Next you can see her sitting on his face with her sexy red shorts. She makes him smell her ass and smothers him. He cannot move and also not escape her ass as she lifts it for less than one second just to lower it instantly after he filled his lounges with at least a bit of fresh air...

19 year old Antonia caught this guy peeping at her while she was sitting on the couch wearing just her panties and a shirt. Now he can see her sexy ass close up - as she's sitting on his face and smothers him under her tasty butt. She also facesits him frontal - forcing him to inhale her odors while she's smoking a cigarette.

Mistress Amber is using her slave as personal living cushion. She made him lay on the bed as she gets over to him. She lifts her skirt and shows her sexy red slip as she slowly lowers her perfect shaped ass right on her poor pathetic slave's face. He cannot resist or do anything to stop her, so he has to take it all...

Mistress sexy Weronika decides to punish her slave for being such a bad housewife-pussy. She first overwhelms him and commands him to lay on the ground motionless, then she sits on his face with her royal string ass to smother him. He isn't able to breath and cannot free himself or even escape - so the mistress continues her cruel game and he has got to take it all...

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