Breath Play Femdom - Cruel dominatrixes play with their slave's breath

Goddess Gabriella needed to get even with this guy and she had to do it in a way she knew would work. That is why the mistress chose to smother the guy with her hot ass. The poor guy was taken by surprise and it was hard for him to recover. He nearly passed out as she covered his mouth and nose with her ass and it was humiliating for him.

Mistress Gaia had an issue with her ex and she needed to dominate him. She tried to think of what to do to him so that she could dominate him as hard and as cruelly as she could and that is how she came to settle on breath play femdom. The mistress used that to torture as well as humiliate him. The mistress made sure that he was trampled and choked.

Lady Scarlet needed to settle a score with this guy and she used breath play femdom to do so. She did not want to let the guy think that she was scared of him or that he could continue doing what he had done to piss her off. That is why she cornered him when he was naked and she cruelly tied him up, jerked him off and also choked him. It was a rollercoaster of emotions for him.

Mistress Gaia felt that this guy was too insecure for her. That is why she chose to deal with him the best way she knew how. The mistress had to make sure that she taught the guy a lesson and that she humiliated him in a way he had never experienced before. That is why the mistress had to make sure that she tied him up and that she hand smothered him and choked him until he shit himself.

This loser thought that mistress Megan, mistress Elly and mistress Avril had a thing for him and he would get to fuck all of them. He was super excited but he did not know that when the deal is too good, think twice. He was not handsome and he was not loaded. He was not popular either. He was being tricked and used by the mistress who wanted to have fun facesitting and smothering him with their asses. And that is exactly what they did to him before they chased him away.

Goddess Gabriella loves to do crazy things and one of those she did was to make sure that she degraded as well as choked this guy. She felt that he was useless and since he was not adding value to her life, she had to derive it from him by dominating and humiliating him for her own fun. That is why she facesat him and she also farted on him to make it worse.

Mistress Gaia did not like how condescending this guy was. She felt that he had to learn to do things her way and to stop being a condescending son of a bitch. That is why she used her bare hands to smother him and choke him. She also had him wear a gas mask as she choked him. He cried and begged her to stop but she did not until he shit his pants.

Mistress Zora had a slave she felt was too slow for her. She felt that he did not do things faster because he was lazy and for that, she had to punish him. The mistress used her facesitting fetish and her jeans to smother him in order to have him change. He choked as she did it and he cried as well as pleaded with her to stop it but she did not.

Mistress Felicity had had enough of this guy's lies and she did not want to continue dealing with them. She had to make sure that he learned his lesson and that he stopped lying so much. He was not going to do it on his own and that is why she had to get involved. It was fun for her even as it was hell and humiliating for the guy.

Goddess Gabriella was pissed that her husband was drunk. She did not like it because he was always drunk and that meant that they could not spend quality time together. The mistress had to make sure that they had an amazing time which is why she opted to teach him a lesson and she did it by facesitting him and choking him. When he got sober, she did the same.

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