Breath Play Femdom - Cruel dominatrixes play with their slave's breath - Page 90

The evil sisters caught one guy who was staring on them in the school all the time. They decide to humiliate him a bit an punish him for being such a stalker. They sit on his chest in turn and smother him with their hands. They also make him worship their shoes and soles.

Mistress Ebony has her slave laying on the ground while she is sitting on his chest! She wears her evil plateau boots - also called killer-boots. She slings a robe around his neck and places her heavy sole on his face! She pushes it down and makes him worship it...

Mistress Robin loves control! What else is better than controlling someone's breathing? Nothing! So she takes her bound slave between her arms and pushes her hand right on his mouth to shut it up. He mumbles and gets red but she simply laughs at him...

Mistress Katja's slave is lying handcuffed and without a t-shirt on the floor of the living room when she approaches him. She starts strangling him with her bare hands before she uses a rope in many different positions to strangle him even more effective.

Ms. Aiba and Ms. Mina kidnapped this guy and bound him to the chair. After gagging his mouth with duct tape they use their hands to smother him! With duct tape on his mouth, his nose shut by leather gloves and unable to move the man gets really scared but these two Asian dominatrices won't let go of him quickly. They rather punch, slap and kick him to stop the constant moaning and whining!

Despina is a proud Greek woman and doesn't take insults from a pathetic old man! She shows this guy how powerful she is by smothering him under her bare hands while sitting on his chest so he can't get away.

Mistress Xenia loves to play with her slave's air. Today she wants to smother a guy under her pretty bare feet. She tries many different positions - checking which one smothers the slave best. This guy better expects no mercy from this cruel beauty!

Sexy mistress Daidra sits on the back of her slave and put a slim chain around his neck. Now she uses her full power to strangle him with this chain. With his mistress sitting on his back and fighting for air this slave's life is completely in Daidra's hands!

Mistress Kristina - a real stunner from Italy - uses her sexy hands to prevent this loser from breathing. He has no chance - this girl is totally in control. She knows exactly how to use her gorgeous body to apply maximum pressure to her hands and her bound slave can't do anything to get away from her!

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