Breath Play Femdom - Cruel dominatrixes play with their slave's breath - Page 18

Mistress Anfisa used her hands to choke her slave. He had a filthy mouth and he was always using expletives. She did not like it and she felt it was primitive behavior that had to stop. Since he was not willing to stop after being told about it, she choked him to make him stop. She made him pee his pants as she choked him and that was when he did something about his filthy mouth as he knew there were consequences.

Madame Marissa enjoys teaching guys new things. But this girl she was teaching was not receptive to new information and they had a problem. She did not want to waste her time on her so she dominated her using her hands. She used her hands to cover her mouth and she choked her. The mistress then turned and facesat on her and she choked her some more until she agreed to cooperate.

This mistress was on her period and she could not fuck her boyfriend. But he was horny and she did not want him to suffer too much. So she made him lie down and she facesat on him. She combined two things he loved, that is, being dominated and her ass. Facesitting allowed her to make him have fun and to turn him on until he came. She came too as she rubbed her clit on his face.

Mistress Gaia is a cruel person by any standards. And when her driver got an accident with her brand new car, she was angry to the point that she tortured him. She choked him and warned him that he was never to be involved in any other accident. If he ever did, the mistress told him that she would not have an option but to torture him as cruelly as she could.

Lady Amy is a bully and she loves dominating her slave even for nothing. That is what she felt like doing today as she used her hands to choke him. She was trying breath play femdom and she wanted to find out how long it would take him without breathing. She made it even better for him by giving him the time to beat. If he beat it, she promised to reward him. He did not.

Mistress Sasara has a great ass and her boyfriend loves it to pieces. She knows he likes how naughty she is and so she tried something new for him today. She sat on his face and he loved it. She wiggled her ass on his face and turned him on like she had never done before. She, however, nearly made him choke as he could not breathe properly as she covered his entire face with her butt.

Lady Stefanie felt that this loser was not respectful to her. She was angry at him because he was not her equal. She would not have minded if he was. Or if he was above her in the pecking order. He was, in fact, a slave and way below her so she did not want him to continue with his bad behavior. She made him lick and smell her ass as she facesat on him and nearly choked him.

Madame Marissa is blessed with a great ass. She loves to bait guys with it because she knows guys cannot resist it. She knows that if she uses anything else other than her ass, they might guess what she wants to do to them. So, she uses her ass and they have to try and endure the pain and humiliation. Today she used her ass to facesit on this guy and test his breath retention skills.

Mistress Anfisa does not like it when her resources are wasted. That is what this loser did to her money. She had clearly indicated what it was to be for, but he used it for his own needs and did not buy what she had advised. She chose to use breath play femdom to show him why he was never to do what he had done again. The mistress placed his head in a trampling box before choking him with her bare hands.

Mistress Gaia hates thieves and when she found out that it was this guy who had stolen from her, she could not let him go without punishment. She did not want him to steal again so she choked him after tying him to a chair. The mistress used a plastic bag to punish the thief and the guy's life flashed before his eyes and he regretted what he had done.

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