Breath Play Femdom - Cruel dominatrixes play with their slave's breath - Page 26

Madame Marissa is blessed with a great ass. She loves to bait guys with it because she knows guys cannot resist it. She knows that if she uses anything else other than her ass, they might guess what she wants to do to them. So, she uses her ass and they have to try and endure the pain and humiliation. Today she used her ass to facesit on this guy and test his breath retention skills.

Mistress Anfisa does not like it when her resources are wasted. That is what this loser did to her money. She had clearly indicated what it was to be for, but he used it for his own needs and did not buy what she had advised. She chose to use breath play femdom to show him why he was never to do what he had done again. The mistress placed his head in a trampling box before choking him with her bare hands.

Mistress Gaia hates thieves and when she found out that it was this guy who had stolen from her, she could not let him go without punishment. She did not want him to steal again so she choked him after tying him to a chair. The mistress used a plastic bag to punish the thief and the guy's life flashed before his eyes and he regretted what he had done.

Lady Morgana did not like how this loser boasted. He was too proud and he was too full of himself for her liking. She chose to teach him a lesson and she did it by choking him. She used breath play femdom to make him shut up and it worked. She wrapped him up in cling film and then used her hands to choke him. He panicked as he could not breathe and he shit himself.

Mistress BlackDiamoond laughed when she heard that this guy wanted to fuck her and her friend Alektra. The two of them plotted how to have fun at the expense of the loser. They took the loser to their apartment where they facesat on him, choked him and tested his breath play skills. He nearly shit himself as he could not breathe properly. He had never begged for mercy as much as he did that day.

Lady Amy was not amused by the fact that her slave had sold out her secrets to her neighbors. She did not want her private life to be public knowledge so she choked him by submerging his face in the tab after she had filled it with water. He peed himself at what she did to him and he knew he had fucked up big time. He learned his lesson painfully.

Queen Canary loves to choke losers for her own fun and that is what she did to her slave. She took advantage of him playing video games and she facesat on him and continued playing his game. She told him how the video games were affecting his work ethic and how she did not want him to continue playing. The mistress wanted to allow him to only play on weekends.

This mistress choked this loser for not obeying her. She used her breath play femdom to dominate him and send a message to him that she was not going to tolerate any nonsense from him. She did all this on the couch and he begged her to let her go but she did not. She had tied him up to avoid him not cooperating with her or refusing to do what she asked.

Queen Canary did not like how her boyfriend played video games all day and did not help her with housework. She went to the couch where he was seated and she facesat on him. She took the controller from his hand and she played with it. She continued playing while she was facesitting on him. She wanted him to feel humiliated and learn that he had to help her out.

Lady Ashley enjoys dominating guys for fun. She is hot and that makes it easy for her to lure guys for domination and humiliation. Today as she chilled at home, she met this guy who wanted to seduce her. She did not refuse. She led him on and she facesat on him and gave him a sniff of her pussy as well as of her ass. He was humiliated but she did not care.

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