Breath Play Femdom - Cruel dominatrixes play with their slave's breath - Page 13

Lady Emerald had a badly behaved slave. She did not want to accept defeat and chase him away. Instead, she chose to deal with him in a different way. She chose to choke him using her breathplay femdom in order to change him. She did this severally and she used her bare hands to do it. She managed to teach him that whatever happened to him was of his own making.

Mistress Alika was fed up with the way her slave was behaving. She wanted him to change his behavior but he did not change it the way she wanted. She resorted to facesitting on him to teach him a lesson. She crushed his face with her ass and she smothered him cruelly. That was when he learned what she was capable of and he learned to do what she asked.

Madame Marissa was angry when she learned that her slave had misplaced her stuff. She needed those things urgently so she punished him in order to make him remember where he had put them. She dominated him using her ass by facesitting on him and choking him in the process. That motivated him to look for what she wanted until she got it. It also taught him to be more organized.

Mistress Rayana wanted a huge favor from this guy. She knew that the best way to get it was to confuse him and take total control of him. This she did using her sexy body. She teased him after showing off her hot body and making him want her. She made him want her even more before she asked him to do her the favor and he did it without thinking twice.

These lesbian mistresses had not seen each other in a while and they could not get their hands off each other when they finally did. They had to make up for lost time and they did this by facesitting on each other and roughing each other up as they loved hardcore fun. The mistresses ate each other out and spanked, choked and did all sorts of kinky stuff until they came explosively.

Madame Marissa did not like this girl. She was full of gossip and she hated it. She wanted her to change so she forced her to. The mistress did not entertain idle talk so the next time she went to talk to madam Marissa and she got into gossip, the girl found herself in hot soup. The mistress dominated her by facesitting on her and urging her to shut up.

Mistress Jana caught her slave checking out her ass. She even saw him with a hard-on and she wondered why he was checking her out. She did not like it because he was a slave and they could not have anything. She facesat on him and showed off her sexy ass in underwear. She made him smell her ass and her pussy before farting on him. She warned him against having any sexual thoughts about her.

Mistress Becca was horny and she wanted to cum. She could, however, not sleep with her slave and she did not want to masturbate. So she chose to do the next best thing which was to humiliate her slave by facesitting on him. She pretended to be punishing him for what he had done but in the real sense, she was wiggling her ass and pussy on his face to stimulate her clit until she came.

Mistress Gaia used cling film to wrap her slave and to render him defenseless. She did this because she wanted to have an easy time torturing him. She choked him using her hands and also by facesitting on him. She did not care about what he felt and only wanted him to fear her and in so doing, do all that she wanted him to do. He became her bitch.

Madame Marissa felt that she had to torture her slave if anything was going to change in her house. She did not want to feel like a stranger in her own house because of the many things her slave did. She facesat on him and she choked him using her butt to send a message that she would not tolerate his nonsense. It worked and they had no problems again.

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