Breath Play Femdom - Cruel dominatrixes play with their slave's breath - Page 92

Melissa was happy now that she found someone to share her perverted dreams with her. But there has been a little mistake. This guy didn't want to be tied up and forced to smell her ass and feet. He wanted to tie her up to make her give him a nice BJ. Well things went totally wrong and now she already had him right where she wanted him. She smothered his face with her stinky pantyhose feet and sat on it with her sexy ass. After a while all his manhood was gone and he found himself broken in a humiliating and degrading position. He began to accept what he was. A slave for young women like her.

Tanja doesn't want her son to meet girls since he is her stepson she thinks that he belongs to her and is her property. As she found out that he already met this bitch from the neighborhood, she decided to mark him as her property. As he returned she was already drunk and immediately forced him in this degrading position. As he found himself lying there he already saw her ass lowering on his face. The last words he heard were "you will stay under my ass until you smell like it to make sure no bitch will ever kiss your ass face again".

Cathy is really angry about how her slave has finished his duties and chores in her house. The toilets are not clean as they should be, the bathroom isn't brushed and there are actually crumbs on the ground. After she made him eat them up as fore-punishment, she made him lay down on her bed to continue with the real punishment! She sits on his face with her sexy bbw ass and makes him smell her. She smothers him and reduces his breathing to zero. She controls it with her ass and shows him what real control means. She makes sure he won't ever forget about his chores and of course how to perform them.

Katja has tied up her slave on a leather seat to be able to punish him very easy. Next you can see her sitting on his face with her sexy red shorts. She makes him smell her ass and smothers him. He cannot move and also not escape her ass as she lifts it for less than one second just to lower it instantly after he filled his lounges with at least a bit of fresh air...

Lady Melissa forced her slave to put his head into her smother-box - to sit on his face and control his breath by facesitting. First she sits down on his face wearing her tight leather pants before she takes them off and sits down on his face just wearing a very tiny black thong so he can also smell her hot ass when he's not smothered by it for a split-second.

Iwona is a real giantess with a height of nearly 2 meters. Of course she has big hands too and she loves to use them to smother a man. This guy is bound to a chair and completely unable to move when she approaches him and starts to smother him. She just loves to play with his ability to breath - to play with his pathetic life.

Goddess Mysteria is a pro-wrestler and she's used to submit men in mixed wrestling fights, but today she wants to humiliate this guy even more. After she wrestled him down to the ground she just sits down on his face and presses his head even harder into her ass using her powerful legs.

Mistress Weronika loves to sit on her slaves faces with her sexy ass. She smothers them with her full body weight and enjoys how they breathe under her. She commands them to smell and inhale her ass scent and laughs as she hears them performing that order with a loud sniff...

Mistress Cleo has her slave laying on the ground as she amused pushes her feet right on his windpipe. She makes him caught and is pleased as his face begins to turn red. She smiles at him and increases the pressure! She is such a cruel bitch.

Sexy bbw mistress Cathy wears her favorite black string. Her slave lays on a white sofa as she enters the room. His hands are bound together and she smiles down at him in a sadistic way as she lowers her ass on his face and makes him become her living cushion...

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